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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Olivia Holt "Girl vs. Monster" KTLA Interview

Today, October 9, 2012, Olivia Holt star of Disney XD's Kickin' visited KTLA to talk about her upcoming DCOM "Girl vs. Monster".

I'm going to be talkin' Girl Vs Monster 👸😈 with  Ch 5  this morning around 9am. 

The adventure begins on Halloween as Skylar, a fearless teenager with a powerful singing voice, prepares for the ultimate Halloween bash with her best friends, Henry and Sadie. The plan for Skylar to sing at the party — with rock band cutie Ryan Dean — is crushed when her parents make her stay home. Then, when she sneaks out of the house, she unknowingly unleashes a monster – Deimata – who is determined to change the fate of Skylar and her family forever. As Skylar’s world is turned upside down, she learns that her parents have been keeping a big secret – that she comes from a long line of monster hunters. Now, it’s up to Skylar and her friends to channel their inner strength and conquer more than just this monster