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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Debby Ryan on Filming Season Two of Jessie With Teen Vogue Magazine

[Via teenvogue.com...]

The nineteen-year-old actress and singer opens up about her Disney show, love of high fashion, and desire to record an album.

What can we expect to see on this season of Jessie?
“More shenanigans and adventures with the kids my character babysits. It’s pretty intense and there’s a big mystery. The premiere is a really good indication of how epic things are throughout the season. I spend most of the episode with blood all over my dress, holding a butcher knife.”

How do you relate to your character?
“The show’s writers have known me since I was fourteen, so they’ve seen me grow up and go on dates. They’ve been able to write a character for me that who has unfortunate luck when it comes to boys, but laughs it off. This season, it’s been exciting to have a bit of a say in the character that I am playing. They have me do the craziest stunts and know I’m game, which is great because I’m preparing to do an action movie.”

We heard they’re making Jessie into a TV movie. When will it premiere, and how will it differ from the show?
“We’ll shoot it within the next few months, and then it’ll be out in 2013. You’re going to get to know so much more about Jessie as a person—her upbringing, her family, everything. It’s really Jessie-focused.”

You’ve acted in several different Disney shows. As your career progresses, what do you hope to achieve?
“I love my relationship with Disney and I want to stick around in front of and behind the camera with the company. I realize that like all shows, Jessie has an expiration date, but I’m enjoying it so much right now. It’s a difficult balance to strike because I read so many scripts, and I don’t want to grow up too quickly. I started in the industry to be a dramatic actor. I wanted to make people cry and think about their lives and existence. But I don’t want to outgrow my fans, and the most important thing to me is being a nineteen-year-old first. Jessie is very me. I’m growing up way faster than I feel like people can see. The fashion world has been a way for me to branch out and show that older, more sophisticated side of me.”

Who are your favorite designers?
“Tory Burch nails it all the time. I’m a fan of Alice + Olivia and J Brand. Sam Edelman shoes are great for day-to-day and a pair of Brian Atwood’s never hurt anybody. I aspire to wear Balenciaga and Celine—I’ve had my eye on this Celine bag for the longest time.”

What are you wearing today?
“I’m wearing a vintage ACDC shirt, a vintage skirt from London, and massive Alice + Olivia heels. I’m rocking a watch that I stole from my Grandma’s jewelry box. That makes it sound like I steal from the elderly—I didn’t actually steal it!”

Any plans to attend college?
“I would benefit from higher education. In the same way that people are picking their classes and majors, I’m going to work on producing as well as writing to get hands-on experience. I would love to take online classes.”

Do you plan on releasing an album?
“I never thought about it as something I would do. I’m so busy with my acting career, and I don’t think that you can fully have two careers—one always takes the backseat. Most of the songs that people have heard me sing are cover songs, and it’s important for me to not make bubblegum pop. Growing up, I listened to rock ‘n’ roll. I’m writing music now now for an artist and getting her vibe so I can tell her story. There are several songs left over and they don’t fit anyone’s sound except for mine, so I think I’ve accidentally made an album that I haven’t produced yet.”

If you were to record one, what would it sound like?
“My album would have live instruments—guitars and drums. It would be piano-driven because that’s how I tend to write a lot of my songs. I like Bob Dylan and Robert Costello, so I’m a fan of folk, and it would have an earthy-type quality to it. A good indication would be if The Hush Sound meets Mumford & Sons meets Automatic Loveletter meets Katy Perry. I guess we’ll find out!”