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Saturday, September 29, 2012

On Set with the Cast of 'Dog With a Blog'

[Via Fanlala.com...]

While Disney XD may be getting a doll-come-to-life with ‘Crash & Bernstein,’ Disney Channel will be dipping into the unusual with their brand new series ‘Dog With a Blog.’  Two families, joined by marriage adopt a dog to simmer down sibling rivalries.  Seems normal, right? How about as an added bonus, Stan the Dog can talk, and he’s got a lot to say!

The cast of ‘Dog With a Blog’ was eager to sit down and tell us about the show on our set visit, and we wanted to know what it was like working with a dog every day on set.  Francesca Capaldi who plays Chloe told us that she loved working with all of the animals on the set.  “We have Milo, he looks like a girl, I thought he was a girl, and I was almost going to stick a bow in his hair!”  Wonder how many actors wish they could play dress-up with a dog on set!

Of course we had to talk to the two squabbling siblings while we were three.  G Hannelius plays the no-nonsense Avery on the show.  We wanted to know how much Avery and G are alike.  “I definitely relate to her in the fact that she’s very school-focused.  I do love school... I think I’m a little different in that I’m a little lighter.  I’m not as much a strict follower of the rules... not that I’m a rule breaker!”

To counter Avery’s by-the-books attitude, Blake Michael is stepping in as Tyler James, the free-spirited older brother of the family.  Is Blake as rowdy and rambunctious as his character on ‘Dog With a Blog?’  “In real life, I think I can relate to Tyler.  I’ve been known to be rowdy sometimes, and we have similar fashion styles, too.  I think I relate to him a lot.”

Helping keep the family in the show together is psychologist Bennett James.  The actor who plays Bennett is Reagan Burns.  We asked Reagan if he’s used any of his real-life parenting skills to bring into his character when he’s on set.  “The writers’ fathering techniques that they write for me aren’t completely different from my philosophy.  Bennett James is not a strict guy, but he seems to have a good vibe on what his children like to do.”

There you have it!  We had a great time talking with the ‘Dog With a Blog’ cast.  Although we didn’t get to interview Stan the Dog, we’re sure he’ll have plenty to say when the series premieres on Disney Channel on Friday, October 12!