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Friday, September 28, 2012

On Set with the Cast of 'Crash & Bernstein'

[Via Fanlala.com...]

Disney XD is gearing up to bring you a wild new show that we guarantee will leave you in stitches!  So much so, one of the cast members is ALWAYS in stitches (literally!)  ‘Crash and Bernstein’ premieres next month, and we at Fanlala got to hit up the set, meet the cast, and even preview the debut episode of ‘Crash & Bernstein!’

The cast had so much to talk about on the set of the show, and they were all eager to share what it’s like working with a puppet-playing-a-doll.  Aaron Landon, who plays the Pesto told us that Tim Lagasse, the voice behind Crash is “always on, when they’re shooting, he’s ALWAYS Crash, he doesn’t break that character.”

Cole Jensen, the actor behind Wyatt Bernstein just had two words for what it’s like working with Crash - “It’s IN-SANE!”  He told us that Crash is “bouncing around, destroying stuff constantly, and it’s just insane.”

Of course, Crash wouldn’t be where he is today without Wyatt receiving a little “help” from his sisters.  Landry Bender said about her character Cleo Bernstein “I like it, I get to be sassy, and I’m the one that everyone HAS to listen to.”  Cleo is obsessed with fashion, and has even had a neon light made for the show.  We loved her character in the pilot, and can’t wait to see her bring that awesome ‘tude to the screen!

One of the highlights of our set visit to ‘Crash & Bernstein’ was talking to Crash (Tim Lagasse) himself!  That’s right!  We got to talk to the actual doll of the show (and we’re pretty sure the only one on TV right now.)  Crash is totally in love with the show right now. Of the many perks, Crash said, “I get to do my own stunts... heck, I get to DO stunts. They prefer to throw me through windows, and I get to use swords.”  And what would a great doll actor be without his inspiration?  “I’m a little Al Pacino, and I’m a little Animal from the Muppet Show,” said Crash.

It was a blast talking to the cast of ‘Crash & Bernstein.'  You can check out the pilot episode for free, right now on iTunes, and with the pre-screening that we got, we TOTALLY recommend it!  ‘Crash & Bernstein’ premieres October 8 only on Disney XD.  Don’t miss it!