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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Bella Thorne (City Walk, Shake It Up and Upcoming Projects)

Bella Thorne spoke with Fanlala recently during her free concert at City Walk. Bella discussed the show, upcoming projects and more.

[Via www.fanlala.com...]

This weekend, IM5 and Bella Thorne performed a live, FREE show at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles.  The music was loud and the crowd was huge!  It was a night that we’ll never forget, and the best part?  We got to chat with all of the performers before the show!

It’s always a pleasure to chat with Bella.  She was super excited to be performing for her crowds of fans, and we loved seeing her up on stage with IM5.  So what did the ‘Shake It Up’ star have to say about Friday’s event and her upcoming projects?

Fanlala: This event is wrapping up the summer, tell us about what’s happening at CityWalk!

Bella Thorne: I go to CityWalk all the time with my friends, I love coming here.  And I’m always thinking “I wonder if I could perform on stage.”  And tonight I get to, this is awesome.  It’s my first time on the CityWalk stage.  I get to do my song with IM5, and it’s just really sweet.  The band themselves are just really sweet.

F: What do you like most about performing with IM5?

BT: I’m always working on my voice, practicing behind-the-scenes on singing.  And every time I nail it, they’re just like “YES Bella! Yeah!”  They really encourage me big time when I go onstage, and that really helps.  This is our second time performing together, and I really like working with them.

F: What was it like going on stage with IM5 after the Teen Choice Awards?

BT: That was super cool, and I had all my friends there. And that’s what really helped during that set.  I was glad to have their support, and in the end support is what you really need.

F: Earlier this week, we saw you in studio.  Are there any upcoming songs that you can tell your fans about?

BT: I’m really excited.  I recorded a Christmas song, I recorded another song, also.  I’m also talking to a record company, so I really like that.  You guys, there are a lot of things coming.

F: After the huge success of ‘Made In Japan’ we want to know what’s in store for ‘Shake It Up’ in the future.

BT: This season is pretty awesome, I learned so much about my family, and I’m really close to my family, we’re really close-knit.  To be part of a show that’s made for families is really good for me.
This season you guys can expect some huge changes.  It’s really gonna shock everyone.  And we know our fans are just gonna be like “What?? What?!” but in a really good way.  We’re going to have really relatable situations, so there’s a lot to look forward to in the next season. 

F: We know you’re actually an ambassador for Disney Channel’s Friends for Change, what have you been working on with them lately?

BT: We’re very much into anti-bullying and the anti-bullying campaign.  I enjoying being a part of the cause, and really getting the word out.  Standing up against bullying is my expertise, and it’s something that’s very near and dear to me.