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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Disney Channel UK's Electra Formosa Interview: "Get The Look" Season 2

[Via Entertainment-Focus.com...]

At just 22, Electra Formosa can boast that she's worked on How To Look Good Naked, Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix and Ten Years Younger. Her styling alumni consist of start such as Alex Zane, Myleene Klass, All Saints and Gethin Jones.

Being the daughter of make-up artist Ariane Poole, she has glamour in her blood and would seem destined for a bright and fabulous career in the fashion industry.

Electra Formosa presents Get The Look every day only on the Disney Channel. In an interview with EF the bubbly presenter and fashionista talks about her show, her favourite fashion items and reveals the exciting projects lined up for 2013.

Get the Look has been given a second series, so what can we expect in this series?
We’ve got some great guest stars on, Debbie Ryan and Greg Sulkin. It’s been great to work with some of the Disney talent and kind of gives it an extra layer of insider insight really.

Excellent. You’re doing Minnie and Me as well, so how did that come about?
It came about through Disney and the franchise of Minnie and yeah, I think it’s been a really great result ... and we did a big thing down at fashion week which was great also.

What do you love about your job?
Well I’m kind of quite lucky I kind of have every girl’s dream job, I get to shop a lot and wear gorgeous clothes and the thing about Disney as well – it’s kind of like a childhood dream!

I would love to have your job! I love what you’re doing! Ok so you give a lot of tips to young girls on how to glam up their style or give it a bit of an edge. Where do you get your ideas from?
Well it works on quite a number of things, I take a lot of inspiration from the Disney stars in the Disney shows, we – myself and the team that I work with – we look at all the outfits the Disney characters and what they have worn and break it down from there and I can see what the stylist or costume designer has thought about, all the elements and take it from there, all the pieces that are easy to customise at home and make your own.

Whose style do you most admire?
Well ... my style I kind of take from a lot of different people I don’t have one person who I’m absolutely in love with ... I like the style of Pixie Lott and Goslett Grey, people like Katy Perry and Rihanna for their cool, quirky styles, I like to take it and maybe tone it down a little bit ...

Well yes, you can’t really walk around Kensington High Street dressed in frilly knickers like Rihanna! So what’s your own personal style?
I’m quite a girly girl, I’m not really jeans and t-shirt I like to be quite glamorous quite a lot of the time – I love dresses and anything that’s quite cute and girly really. If it’s got a heart or a bow on it I’m probably gonna love it!

So what’s your favourite item at the moment?
I’ve got a few staple pieces in my wardrobe that I couldn’t live without – I’ve got a leather jacket that I just live in and I’ve got some black wedge ankle boots that I feature quite a lot on my shows, which I’ll compliment with a little ribbon just to give it that girly touch – but they’re so comfortable and I wear them all the time.

Who’s your favourite designer?
I love Lulu Guinness for her bags and accessories – I absolutely love her. I’m also a big fan of Marc Jacobs, I like quite a lot of young, cute styles really.

What are your favourite shops when you go shopping?
I’m a big high street girl. I love to shop a lot so I love Top Shop, River Island, Miss Selfridge, H&M ... I feel you can always find something young and cool and on trend there.

If you could style anyone who would it be and why?
Well I get asked this question quite a lot but there are loads of people I’d love to work with. I think someone like Katy Perry would be really cool just because she’s kind of really out there and I like to be really fun and be really girly so I just think she would be a really fun person to work with ... she has a lot of creative ideas and her team make her look really cool most of the time.

How did you get into the fashion industry?
Well my mum is a makeup artist so I’ve pretty much grown up on sets my whole life whether it’s a fashion shoot or behind the scenes at a fashion show, I’ve always been around the fashion world. I was always the one hiding in the fashion cupboard asking what I could help with, if I could steam something for anyone. I’ve always read loads of magazines and always been involved in fashion. It was something I really wanted to do. I went to drama school and considered acting for a little while but I’ve ended up presenting which is the combination of lots of passions I guess.

Excellent!  It sounds like you had the perfect childhood!
It was fun!

What advice would you give to young girls wanting to pursue a career in fashion?
You have to really love it, because it is hard work and it can take time to get somewhere but if you’ve got a passion for it just be creative, try lots of different styles and you’ll get there.

What would you say is the key look for 2013?
As a key piece I would say a leather jacket is a must have, it’s one of those things that you could totally make your own whether your style is girly or whether you’re a bit more of a tomboy.  It’s a piece you could use in lots of different ways as it’s so versatile.

Last question, what exciting things do you have lined up for the coming year?
Well, I’ve got lots of different things lined up.  I’ve got a job working with the cast of Violetta out in Argentina for the Disney Channel. I’ve styled the second season, which is really exciting for me to be involved in such a massive project. That’s filming in January so we’ve just started styling and working with them so that’s been a really cool thing I’ve been working on. I’ve got lots of cool and exciting projects going on so I’m just really looking forward to next year, I think it’s gonna be fun!

Electra Formosa presents 'Get The Look' every day only on Disney Channel.