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Monday, November 19, 2012

Disney Channel Thanksgiving Week Marathons and Special Programming

Monday, November 19

Disney Channel bumps their preschool block all week from 9am-2pm for more Disney Channel programming, plus end today right with The Princess and the Frog at 8pm (ET/PT).

Disney XD starts their big Pranksgiving week off with a marathon of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody from 9am-1pm, two episodes of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja and a marathon of Crash & Bernstein from 2-5pm, then continue with Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 at 5pm, the series premiere of Just Kidding at 7pm, the Disney XD premiere of Code: 9 at 7:30 and a one-hour Kickin’ It special at 8pm (ET/PT).

Tuesday, November 20

Disney Channel has more of their original series all day and don’t miss Disney/Pixar’s Up at 8pm (ET/PT).

Disney XD gives more “pranks” with a huge Lab Rats marathon from 9am-5pm, The Suite Life Movie and another new Just Kidding at 7pm (ET/PT).

Wednesday, November 21

Disney Channel presents the Disney CG animated movie Bolt at 8pm (ET/PT).

Disney XD is Kickin’ It all day with a marathon from 8:30am-5pm, followed by G-Force and yet another new Just Kidding at 7pm (ET/PT).

Thursday, November 22 (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Disney Channel gives thanks with Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension at 9am followed by an encore of Bolt and a day-long marathon of Disney Channel series, including last year’s Good Luck Charlie Thanksgiving special at 3pm and 8:30pm (ET/PT).

Disney XD has a Pair of Kings marathon from 9am-5pm, Meet the Robinsons at 5 and then anther new Just Kidding at 7pm (ET/PT).

Friday, November 23

Disney Channel has back-to-back blocks of Dog With A Blog, Austin & Ally, Shake It Up, Good Luck Charlie and Jessie from noon-8pm leading up to the one-hour A.N.T. Farm special premiere at 8pm (ET/PT).

Disney XD is taken over by the toys with all three Toy Story movies from 10am-4pm, which includes the Disney XD premiere of Toy Story 3, plus some Randy Cunningham, Crash & Bernstein and more new Just Kidding at 7pm (ET/PT).

Saturday, November 24

Disney Channel has the live-action Alice in Wonderland movie at 7:30pm (ET/PT).

Disney XD repeats the Toy Story trilogy from 8am-2pm and don’t miss the final new Just Kidding at 7pm (ET/PT).

Sunday, November 25

Disney Channel goes to the dogs – or at least one talking dog – with a new Dog With A Blog at 8pm (ET/PT).

Disney XD has four-episode blocks of
Kickin’ It, Crash & Bernstein, Lab Rats, Pair of Kings and Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja from noon-10pm (ET/PT).