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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Disney Channel Original Movie: 'Building a Better Boy' Casting Details

On the Brink Productions in association with RCR Pictures are currently gearing up to begin production on the Disney Channel Original Movie "Building a Better Boy". The Casting Society of America ARTIOS Award nominated casting directors for the movie are auditioning talent for the starring, co-starring, and supporting roles. Several teen roles are being cast as well as adult roles. The extras and stand-ins will be cast closer to the start of filming in late July, 2013. Shooting will take place in Toronto. "Building a Better Boy" centers on a group of teenage geniuses who hijack an android prototype from their father's lab and program it to be the world's most perfect boyfriend, unaware that it's armed with a nuclear weapon.

The story follows Gabby and Kat who are a pair of super-smart high school students, two best friends who can’t scare up a date between them, probably because they scare boys off. After they conspire with Kat’s brother Bart to hijack their father’s latest piece of research and program an android prototype into becoming the World’s Most Perfect Boyfriend, Kat has a new beau for herself, a 17 year old dreamboat named Albert who is thoughtful, athletic, caring, smart, doting, charming, loveable – and armed with a nuclear weapon that could go off at any second if Kat pushes the wrong button. Weird Science meets Real Genius.