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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Bop & Tiger Beat Exclusive Q&A with Jessie’s Karan Brar!

[Via bopandtigerbeat.com...]

We love all of the characters on Disney Channel’s hit show Jessie, so we were super pumped when we got the chance to have Karan Brar, who plays Ravi, answer a few questions. Check out our EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Karan below!

BOP&TB: Tell us a little bit about your character, Ravi, on Jessie.
Karan Brar: Ravi came to America about a year ago, so he has his own way of living and his own style. Since he didn’t grow up on the U.S., he acts completely different than every one else and as everyone can see, Ravi is one of those people that isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

BOP&TB: What do you enjoy most about playing Ravi?
Karan Brar: What I enjoy most about playing Ravi is that he is always doing wacky, goofy things!

BOP&TB: How are you similar or different from your character in real life?
Karan Brar: We are similar cause we aren’t afraid to be ourselves around others, and we are different because I don’t freak out as much as Ravi does in bad situations!

BOP&TB: Is it difficult for you to have to change your accent on the show?
Karan Brar: It’s actually not that hard. The hard part was learning the accent!

BOP&TB: What is it like working with all of the animals on set (lizards, bunnies)?
Karan Brar: Working with the lizard, Frank, is SO cool! But it’s a little scary since he has razor sharp teeth!

BOP&TB: What are some pranks you guys pull on each other on set?
Karan Brar: We pull all sorts of pranks! Sometimes we record each other doing the chicken dance behind someone when they are not paying attention. It’s SO much fun!

BOP&TB: What is it like having Debby Ryan as your nanny on the show?
Karan Brar: It’s really cool! Off set, Debby is like a sister to us, and when she plays our nanny on the show it’s really fun too!

BOP&TB: What do you and the rest of the cast do outside of filming together?
Karan Brar: We do all sorts of stuff! Sometimes we go laser tagging or to an amusement park.

BOP&TB: What are some there any funny/crazy stories that you and the cast have together?
Karan Brar: One time Debby, Cameron and I were dressed as zombies for an episode, and Debby had recently gifted us with a marshmallow blaster, so we went to the set of A.N.T. Farm to scare China and the rest of the A.N.T. Farm cast! We pelted them with marshmallows, but at the end we had to clean it all up!

BOP&TB: What is one of your favorite memories from being on Jessie?
Karan Brar: One of my favorite memories from Jessie is when Cameron and I were supposed to be freezing cold, so hair and makeup put fake ice crystals on our faces and in our hair, it was really cool!

BOP&TB: If you could choose someone to guest star on Jessie, who would it be? Why?
I think it would be cool for Selena Gomez to guest star in an episode because we know Ravi has a crush on her!