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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

TWIST Chats With Olivia Holt!

We just chatted with Kickin It's Olivia Holt! She spilled about the new season premiering tonight at 8:30/7:30c (April 1) on Disney XD, the cast member she's closest with, and her favorite episode so far! To find out which exciting guest star Olivia is looking forward to working with, check out our exclusive Q&A below!

TWIST: What can we expect from the new season of Kickin' It?
Olivia Holt: I'm super excited for everyone to see the new season of Kickin' It, it's been a really fun season to shoot so far. The guys and I are really, really pumped for everyone to see it. This season you get to see the characters grow up, and the audience gets to grow up with them, which I think is really nice. Our characters go on all these adventures--we're traveling a lot this season--which is super fun. You get to see my character and my costar Leo Howard's character get this relationship started that everyone's been waiting to see, and form this special bond, which I think is really nice. It's so far been a really, really fun season to shoot because not only are there a lot of martial arts involved, but there's actually a lot of raw acting that I think is gonna be really nice for everyone to see. I'm really pumped for everyone to check out the third season because it's been a lot of fun for us and I really hope that everyone else enjoys it too!

TWIST: Do you have a favorite moment of filming the season so far?
OH: Yeah, there was one episode which I think was really nice not only for me, but for the guys as well. It's an episode where we focus more on our acting and more on just the relationships between all of our characters. There's one scene that gave all of our crew members chills just because of how incredibly the scene was written and because of how hard we worked to make the scene as perfect as possible. The scene is basically my character Kim and Leo's character Jack, and their relationship towards each other and the way that they form a special bond. It's one of my favorite scenes and also one of my favorite episodes of the season we've shot so far. It's the kind of an episode that's unforgettable!

TWIST: If you had to give one reason why readers should absolutely tune in to watch the season premiere, what would it be?
OH: Because it's going to be the best season that we've had so far, and you're gonna really enjoy everything that you see, every episode is gonna be incredible!

TWIST: Is there one person you're closest to in the cast?
OH: I'd have to say Jason Earles, he has really been like a mentor to me on set, not only if I needed help on scripts, but also in life in general. He's such a fun guy, so easygoing, and at the same time such a hard worker. He's one of my best friends and I text him while on hiatus or on a day off when I need him, and he's always there for me. He's a really great guy just really fun to be around!

TWIST: What are your goals for your character while filming the season?
OH: I think the writers really put thought into that first season because every episode that we have shot so far, you really do get to see my character Kim transform into this girl who's still a kick-butt, confident lady, but she's growing up. What I like about her this season is that she's so upfront about how she feels with people and I think that's something that the audience really wants to see, her being completely honest with herself and other people. That's what she's doing, and I really like that. I'm really excited that we're having a bunch of guest stars in the next few weeks, like Gabby Douglas. It's gonna be a really fun episode because I did gymnastics growing up and she's coming in to do an episode and Kim will get to have a bunch of scenes with her and that'll be really fun to see.

TWIST: Will we get to see you doing any of your gymnastic moves alongside her?
OH: I really hope so, they haven't given us the script yet, so hopefully they'll give it to me soon and I'll see a bunch of gymnastics stuff in there. I think that'd be really fun!

TWIST: What's up next for you?
OH: I have been in the studio working on some new music, and the more music I do the more it inspires me to do more! I'm really crossing my fingers that I'll have some new music out this year. It's been a lot of fun and music inspires me a lot, and I love it with a passion! Hopefully my fans will be able to listen to some music this year. I'm also really pumped everyone to see Season Three, which comes out on April 1st, and [airs] all throughout the year. I'm really excited for this year, it's been a good year so far.

TWIST: Well, thank you so much Olivia!
OH: Thank you, it was great talking to you!