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Thursday, August 16, 2012

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Bella Thorne!

THE MAGAZINE caught up with Bella Thorne, who plays CeCe from Shake It Up. Here’s what she had to say!

Who would be your dream guest star on SHAKE IT UP?
I Am 5. They’re so great and I’d love for everyone to get to see them on SHAKE IT UP!

SHAKE IT UP: MADE IN JAPAN wasn’t actually filmed in Japan. If you did get a chance to go to Japan, what would you be most interested in seeing or doing?

I would really want to go shopping because the style over there is just so different. Japanese fashion plays a big part in the movie’s storyline. I would also want to try the sushi!

What was your favourite part about filming the movie?

There were actually two things. There’s this one part where Rocky and Cece are in an all-out friend war, which was really interesting to act because Zendaya and I never fight. It was fun to see a different side of our characters. Also, we got to film a scene where we were singing in front of an audience. We had head mics and everything. I’ve never done that before!

It’s clear by what you wear that you have an amazing sense of style! What, in your opinion, is the biggest fashion crime someone could commit?

I don’t think that there are any fashion crimes. As long as you like what you’re wearing, as long as you’re comfortable, who cares if you’re not on any of the best dressed lists? It’s important to stay true to yourself and wear what you like.
Thanks, Bella!

Source: www.themagazine.ca

Also check out the interview with Bella and Zendaya on set of Shake It Up. 

[Via Teen.com...]

Sure, we've interviewed Bella Thorne and Zendaya a bunch of times because we're pretty much besties, but this time was different. This time, we (well, our host Cat) got to go to the set of Shake It Up and hang out with the gals backstage as they filmed the episode, Shake It Up: Made In Japan, which is an epic three-part finale. Wowzer. So see what B+Z told us about Japanese culture, their upcoming duets (like this recent one!), and Zendaya's booming music career. What a coincidence that just yesterday news broke about her record deal! Awesome timing.